baby birds are hatching!

We have been watching a killdeer nest in the rocks next to the road in front of our house for the last couple weeks.  On the rocks seems like a strange place for a nest, but the killdeer compensate for this.  First, their eggs have no odor, so predators cannot find them easily.  And second, the chicks are born with feathers and with their eyes open; once they dry off, they are up and running!  Because of this, a killdeer egg is about twice the size of a robin egg.

Killdeer chicks shortly after hatching

This picture was taken shortly after the first two eggs hatched yesterday.  They were soon standing on their wobbly legs.  This morning, the third egg has hatched with the first two chicks running around with Mama and Papa.

Though our killdeer watching is almost over,  we still have more birdwatching ahead.  This morning we discovered another bird nest on the ground.  There are 11 of these eggs under a bush, and they are about half the size of the killdeer eggs.  This is a quail nest.  We have always had many quail here, but this is the first time we have discovered one of their nests.

For more information on the killdeer, just click here.

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  1. Mom

    I can see the unhatched eggs but can’t see the hatched babies.

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