9 responses to “true stories, the 6th edition”

  1. Camilla Ford

    Thanks so much for doing this! What a gift! I received your “spiritual” ‘ug and return it warmly. I look forward to listening to the stories and will send this to my mom. (I like your cartoon profile!)

  2. John Brooke

    Hola Craig, thank you for providing this smooth sound recording of our hilarious evening. Very professional high quality recording, I am amazed at the fidelity and how you captured even peripheral sounds such as Mary’s playing and the audience reactions. Very instructive to the readers and a wonderful souvenir of the event.

    Muchas gracias y salud


  3. John Brooke

    Thanks Craig, sounds great.

  4. Grandma

    I just sent a reply and now this leave a comment came up. Look for the reply. Mom

  5. Christina Schraefel

    Thanks so much for this Craig. What great quality recording and such a treat to be able to hear the stories again and to share them with family and friends who couldn’t be there.

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