getting back into the swing of things in Colorado

Ash Mesa Cornfield at Dawn

I woke up this morning with a start, not knowing where I was.  I thought I should be in Mexico but also knew things just weren’t right.  It didn’t take long to realize I was back in Colorado.

We are getting back into our routine here.  However, I want to keep up my photographic explorations.  I do still have quite a few pictures to process from Mexico (I took over 2500 exposures in the 6 weeks we were there) but also have many from last fall to still evaluate.  This morning, I found this one taken of a Colorado neighbor’s corn field at dawn last November 15th.  I particularly like the “alpine-glow” on the clouds in the background.

I find it funny we have so much corn in Iowa and here I am showing you pictures of Colorado corn. My plans for this year are to get more Iowa pictures for you during both planting and harvest.

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  1. John Brooke

    I sure like that “alpine-glow” too, Craig powerful imagery You sure have an artist’s eye and a master of HRG.

    Three nights ago here in Los Barriles was the strangest cloud formation that I have ever witnessed. I wish I had grabbed my little camera earlier. The shot is on my Facebook Page, there is a hint of that wonderful glow.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Craig Hammes

    Thanks, John!
    Glad you liked the picture. I still have a lot to learn but keep plugging away at it. After digesting the basics, experience is the best teacher; and I am getting lots of that. Plus, I have a pretty strong mental vision of what I like to see.
    That is a great cloud formation you caught. Wish I could have been there to see it first-hand. For those who want to see the picture, the link is:
    I know what you mean about missing shots or at least missing the best opportunity for a shot. The light and the clouds change SO fast, it is hard to be ready when something unexpected pops up. I try to be ready but have finally resigned myself to missing some of them; I just try to enjoy the memory then.
    Hope all is going well with the Cinderella play practice. Wish I could be there is see that as well.

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