Photographing Snow and Ice in the Baja

It may seem like a strange topic to write about in Mexico, but I have been studying how to photograph snow and ice.  True, there isn’t much snow or ice in the Baja, but I DID come prepared with a collection of unprocessed photos from Colorado taken in November and December.

First things first, though.  If you really want to improve your photos, the ONE piece of software you should be using is Adobe Lightroom.  I use this software for about 90% of the adjustments I make to my raw images.  You can get this at Amazon for $110.

Next check your camera manual, and if it is possible, shoot your images in what is called RAW mode.  Careful there, I did not say IN THE RAW.  RAW images have much more flexibility when it comes to making adjustments in the processing (e.g. color and exposure correction).  The bad news is that you will need special software to process or look at the RAW images.  The good news is that Lightroom is designed to handle RAW images with ease.

You may be asking how difficult Lightroom is to use.  While Lightroom is very powerful, it is quite easy to operate right out of the box.  As you gain familiarity and experience with Lightroom, you can then begin to explore the finer points of the software.  But where can you learn this?  Youtube to the rescue!  You can learn just about anything from Youtube, including how to use Lightroom.  For the current project of Snow and Ice, I have been watching two videos by Joshua Holko.  The first is Tips and Techniques for Shooting Ice and Snow, and the second is Processing Ice and Snow Images.

With the power and flexibility of Lightroom, you get CHOICES.  Loads of them.  Here is an example of the same photograph processed 3 different ways.  To see a larger version of any image, just click on it.  If you have a preference, I would like to hear which it is and why.  In the meantime, I will keep on processing as well as shooting new images here in the Baja!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3


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