True Stories, 2014 — Los Barriles

Last night was the 2014 edition of True Stories in Los Barriles, presented by the Healing Winds Holistic Center.  This evening of personal, true stories written and read aloud by folks like you and me was produced and directed by local theatrical genius, Camilla Ford, and was generously supported by Tehroma Lask.   Music was by Dr Mary Kleinsorge.

I wasn’t sure what “folks like you and me” meant since Camilla is one of a kind (that’s GOOD, Camilla!).  I decided to interpret it as “normal” people.  But just imagine how much trouble Camilla had looking for “normal” people in Los Barriles?!  I guess she had to give up and invite the group we had last night.  It worked out in the end, though; the stories were all great!  There was a good turn-out for the show.  However, if you could not make it last night, here is a list of those reading their stories with accompanying audio…

Sefi Held

John Merryfield

Linda Hunter

Dennis Obrien

Sally de la Vos

Craig Hammes

Camilla Ford

Everyone had a good time!  And thank you, Camilla, for all the hard work you did in bringing us this great show!

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  1. Suzan Stowe

    Loved your story, Craig! Wonderful story telling and a wonderful ending.

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