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Sometime's It's a Matter of Time

Sometime’s It’s a Matter of Time

I decided a while back, that if I got the chance to BLOG and share myself in this personal way with you, that I would tell you about the heart of my original songs…….just give you a little background to listen with.  So, I’ll start with “Sometime’s It’s a Matter of Time”.  I guess that […]

White Christmas!!!

Stephanie stormed in, a little too early, “Momma, Momma!!!!  Santa CAME and he ate all of the candy we left him!!  Come on, come………ON!”.  I was up late getting everything ready for our Christmas brunch and being sure to be up later than anyone to be sure that everything was ready for Santa.  **wink**   […]


We’ll perform at Colorow about 4:00.  Theresa will do a solo of Jingle Bells and the “Tinker Bells”(that’s all of us on the bells) will play Jingle Bells and Up On the House Top.  We’ll all play as Stefi performs her piano solo of We Three Kings and I’ll play while she does Amazing Grace.  […]

student Christmas

It really is feeling like Christmas.  The yard is covered with snow.  We baked our first batch of stamp cookies, yesterday and nearly ate them all!  The girls are wound up, but filled with a good spirit.  The season and the temptations have given us reason for the daily conversations about thankfulness and greediness.  Sometimes […]

Snowy magical evening

Hi, again, I wish you could have been there tonight.  It was definite perfection.  It had snowed off and on throughout the day and at about 4:30, there wasn’t a wisp of wind and the temperature was about 35 degrees.  I had promised Stefi that if the conditions were right, we’d take her fire bag(the […]

A beautiful, snowy morning

I hope that your morning is going as well as mine.  Sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed.  But, once I get into the moment of seeing the purpose of my day, there’s no questioning about where I want to be…… We sit eating cheesy eggs and sausage with homemade bread and hot […]

Long day…

Well, it’s been a long day. But, I can’t go to bed without sharing a little. I hope that you are well, whoever you are and I hope that my music is giving you a little boost. We spent about an hour singing, as a family round the tree, last night. I was so tired. […]

A Lean Christmas, this year…

’twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Slept happy little people, as poor as a mouse For they didn’t go hungry No real worries had they They bowed their heads and gave thanks as they prayed……… Some people think that because we have less money, it’s as if the Grinch has stolen […]

Hello out there, is anyone listening?

Hi, It’s kind of funny writing this….not knowing who or if anyone will read it.  It’s curious, wondering who you are and how you made your way to reading about me, my music, my thoughts…….my life.  I wonder if I’ll ever know that you’ve been here.  I wonder if I’m writing this for you……or is […]