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Christmas at the Kleinsorge-Hammes home

Craig worked all night on Christmas Eve and so was just getting off at 8:00 before guests arrived at 9:00.  He was napping when Santa came to the door with a tap-tap-tap…Stefi was excited and happy to give Santa a hug and thank him for the presents that he had left earlier.  She was sorry […]

Mom, at Peak View Behavioral Health–Hospital in Colorado Springs

We’ve been very happy with Mom’s care at Peak View Behavioral Health, the psychiatric Hospital for Seniors in Colorado Springs.  She is off all of the heavy drugs, no more Serequel, no Adivan/Lorazapam, no Zyprexa and no Tamazapam!  Hurray!  Dr. Scola, there, is very conservative and is giving her 200 mg of Trazadone and 600 […]



I finished a new song, yesterday.  My mother is Dena, same name as the song and she loved it.  I hope that you will too!  Listen and enjoy…PS-The guitar I’m using is my Martin D35, bought in Kansas City at Quigley Music…I think it was 1974.  It’s tuned in a –G tuning– that I’ve never […]


Mom’s been at Peak View Behavioral Health Hospital, now for 7 nights.  She sounds more clear-minded on the phone and they tell me that she’s sleeping a little better on the new medication they are giving her.  She is more like herself, being grateful and kind, when I talk to her.  She has given me […]

New Song Ideas

I’ve written a great piece in G tuning that has a warm but haunting melody line.  I’m looking for a worthy story to add words…So, if you have a historical story, maybe a grandparent or someone that you’ve known through the years, please tell it to me to use for my song!  Of course, I’d […]

Peak View Behavioral Health, Colorado Springs

Peak View Behavioral Health, Colorado Springs

Just to catch you up.  All of Mom’s crazy thoughts are gone.  No more devils or unfounded fears!!  Hooray!!!  She has good happy days…But, her nights are a terror and this is an understatement, I’m afraid…  She sleeps about an hour, even with a heavy sleeping pill.  The rest of the time, she is anxious, […]

What to do, what to do....

What to do, what to do….

Mom has been doing pretty well the past couple of weeks.  We’ve had some really good days with her.  I have Annette staying with her 4 days a week, and I’ve spent a lot of day time with her.  Then she has someone staying the nights.  I’ve been hoping and praying that she’ll start doing […]

Candy Cane Lane…Here we GOooo!

I am playing Miss Gingerbread in “Candy Cane Lane” this year with the <Kids with a King> production at the Delta Christian Church.  It’s a fun musical filled with about 70 singing and dancing children, ages 4 to 10.  I am one of the few adults in the play and it’s going to be a […]

Beyond Haven Behavioral Senior Care...

Beyond Haven Behavioral Senior Care…

Mom’s been out of the Hospital for a week, now…What a week!  She was discharged from Haven Behavioral last Saturday.  They had lost her tri-fold glasses and her shoes with orthotic insoles in them(which they had taken away from her the first day because they had shoe strings in them).  Thankfully, I noticed that the […]

User Friendly?...Let's get Mom out of Haven Behavioral Senior Care, Thornton, Colorado

User Friendly?…Let’s get Mom out of Haven Behavioral Senior Care, Thornton, Colorado

If you are reading this and considering an admission to a Psych Hospital some place, be sure that you do your homework and check for happy customers~ I can’t sleep for the anticipation of what’s to come.  I’ve asked God to take it over and guide me.  And MOSTLY the week has gone well with […]