God’s Orchestral gift in my back yard…..

Back Yard Orchestra June 2013

Back Yard Orchestra June 2013

There is music in the wind and I thank God for calling me to the back porch to hear His song.  I bring my guitar with me.  My face to the breeze, I sit on my back porch.  I see the vibrant green of the freshly cut grass in the valley below.  At first, the sounds go unnoticed.  But then, I hear the rustling leaves as the wind dances from tree to tree, plant to plant.  The melody is passed from one section of the orchestra to another as the wind moves from valley, up, across, and away.  Each section has a tone based on the size and thickness of the leaves that are playing their notes.

The birds, my beautiful birds, surf the waves of air from the bushes and trees to the feeders and back again.  While in the tree their little voices join in with the arrangement the leaves have run away with.   I close my eyes and it fills my chest to near overfull and I can’t help but sigh and smile in amazement of the gift I’ve been given.  Inspiration is all around if we stop to notice.


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