health advice to Santa from his chiropractor

Q: HO, HO, HO!!!! Your advice last year about my terrible cold got me through the season! I’m feeling great THIS season because you told me how to avoid the crud in the first place. Thank You! I’m already packing my sleigh and double checking my list. Thanks for taking care of Santa, this past […]

aching joints and glucosamine supplements

Q: I have aching joints. Someone told me to take glucosamine supplements. What do you think of them? A: I carry glucosamine sulfate in my office. I only carry things that have had enough research to show that there is a benefit. It’s been shown that glucosamine, when taken regularly, every day, will help to […]

can chiropractic help aching feet?

Q: Is there anything you can do for my aching feet? A: Yes, feet are one of those things that many people don’t think to check with their Chiropractor about. Most are surprised at the number of joints there are in their feet. If these joints are not functioning properly, it can be the root […]

can children benefit from chiropractic?

Q: Can children benefit from Chiropractic care? A: Yes! I’d have to say that a good portion of the adult ailments that I address can be traced back to an injury they recall as a child. Treating a child is much easier than an adult in that the condition hasn’t had the years of habit […]

back pain during pregnancy

Q: I am six months pregnant and have a terrible back ache. Is there anything I can do now about this pain, or do I have to just tough it out until after the baby is born? A: Now is definitely the time to address your pain. Waiting may lead to problems. Many people don’t […]

how is ultrasound used in chiropractic?

Q: What does the ultrasound that you use in your office do? A: Ultrasound is a specific physiotherapy that aids in healing several different ways. The ultrasound wave, itself, travels through the tissue, giving a massage at the cellular level. This encourages an exchange of fluid so that the nutrients in the blood stream will […]

why do chiropractors x-ray?

Q: I’ve been told that if a chiropractor is good, she won’t need to take x-rays. If that’s true, why do chiropractors x-ray? A: The need for chiropractic x-rays will be determined by your doctor with age, history and present health in mind. For example, Medicare will not cover chiropractic care if yearly x-rays are […]

can weather changes make me hurt?

Q: It seems that when the storms come through the valley, I hurt worse. Is there really something that happens then to make me hurt ? A: Yes, the pressure outside of your body changes when the storms roll in and out. This causes the pressure INSIDE your body to change as well. If you […]

chiropractic tips for doing yard work

Q: Give me some tips for doing yard work. Every year I spend the first 2 months of beautiful weather suffering with my back . A: First, use some common sense. You probably haven’t been expecting the same performance out of your back during the winter months as you are now. Approach this change in […]

does it hurt to be treated by a chiropractor?

Q: I’ve never been to a Chiropractor before. I’ve heard all sorts of stories of what it’s like. Does it hurt to be treated? A: Of course there is no simple answer to this question. Whether you feel discomfort with your chiropractic adjustment depends upon many factors. How severe your problem is and how long […]