Dr Mary’s Daily Musings

Stem cell injections for spinal cord injury reminds me to count blessings in Panama.

Stem cell injections for spinal cord injury reminds me to count blessings in Panama.

Brandy came in for a chiropractic visit to my office the day before they left for Panama City.  They had never been out of the country before, didn’t know any Spanish.  It’s common for me to be chatty during a treatment.  And in a casual way, with little serious thought I said, “You shouldn’t be […]

Back Yard Orchestra June 2013

God’s Orchestral gift in my back yard…..

There is music in the wind and I thank God for calling me to the back porch to hear His song.  I bring my guitar with me.  My face to the breeze, I sit on my back porch.  I see the vibrant green of the freshly cut grass in the valley below.  At first, the […]

"Can you take me home with you"  Dena Kleinsorge's last request

“Can you take me home with you” Dena Kleinsorge’s last request

When I walked into the ER on Monday, she lifted her head slightly and cried out my name in relief, “Oh Mary.  Thank God.  Can you take me home with you?”.    So, yesterday we brought her home where she longed to be for so many months.  Dena Kleinsorge has always been an efficient woman. […]

This Could Be the Death of Her, The Doctor Said…

I can still hear it, “This could be the death of her”, the ER doctor said in a hushed, but caring voice as we spoke of Mom’s prognosis.  She may pull through like she has before, though.  Mother is a remarkable and strong woman.  Dena Kleinsorge is in the Montrose Memorial Hospital tonight.  Her oxygen […]

Dr. Mary’s heart-health and happiness at Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Hello and thank you for reading, again.  Sorry I haven’t kept you informed.  It’s just been a rough time to wrap my feelings around and express myself…I know, that sounds crazy coming from ME!  Laughing, here!  But, YES, there ARE times when even I am speechless.  I’ve struggled for God’s guidance and for my own […]

Nina Suzanne’s dress shop….Who would have thought it to be a nice venue to play in?

You never know where a favorite place to play me crop up.  I played a gig last night at Nina Suzanne’s in Montrose.  Nina’s is dress shop and the businesses of Montrose were having an event to support the arts.  Artists were set up inside of the businesses and they stayed open late.  As patrons […]

Music and Mom for Labor Day

We enjoyed a lovely BBQ with Mom at Heidi’s Chateau, today.  Heidi’s is the assisted living home that Mother is living in, now.  It makes me sad not to spend as much time with her as we used to.  The weather was perfect, cool breeze and sunshine.  The staff at Heidi’s was especially cheery and […]

Humble Pie served up at Heidi’s Chateau

Craig, Niki, Stefi and I played for the residents at Heidi’s Chateau(Mom’s assisted living home) for the 4th of July BBQ. If you want to be completely humbled, this is the type of environment to perform in. The lady in front of me heckled. I’d say something with a little humor and she’d spit her […]

Without Family I’m a musical maniac! They need to come home and save me from myself!

My family has been gone for the past 12 days. I also relish the time alone, though I miss them so much. There’s less laundry and I can stay up late or get up early and listen to my birds and eat anything I want, mostly healthy things that they don’t like. But, mostly what […]

Good friends keep you grounded

OK, so good friends can keep you grounded. I was playing my guitar at Barnes and Noble this afternoon and a good friend came to share a cup of coffee with me. He’s a “little” hard of hearing. He walked up as I was playing a very intricate classical piece and sincerely said, “I guess […]