"Can you take me home with you"  Dena Kleinsorge's last request

“Can you take me home with you” Dena Kleinsorge’s last request

When I walked into the ER on Monday, she lifted her head slightly and cried out my name in relief, “Oh Mary.  Thank God.  Can you take me home with you?”.    So, yesterday we brought her home where she longed to be for so many months.  Dena Kleinsorge has always been an efficient woman. […]

This Could Be the Death of Her, The Doctor Said…

I can still hear it, “This could be the death of her”, the ER doctor said in a hushed, but caring voice as we spoke of Mom’s prognosis.  She may pull through like she has before, though.  Mother is a remarkable and strong woman.  Dena Kleinsorge is in the Montrose Memorial Hospital tonight.  Her oxygen […]

Music and Mom for Labor Day

We enjoyed a lovely BBQ with Mom at Heidi’s Chateau, today.  Heidi’s is the assisted living home that Mother is living in, now.  It makes me sad not to spend as much time with her as we used to.  The weather was perfect, cool breeze and sunshine.  The staff at Heidi’s was especially cheery and […]

Humble Pie served up at Heidi’s Chateau

Craig, Niki, Stefi and I played for the residents at Heidi’s Chateau(Mom’s assisted living home) for the 4th of July BBQ. If you want to be completely humbled, this is the type of environment to perform in. The lady in front of me heckled. I’d say something with a little humor and she’d spit her […]

Jeanne, Dena and Jean on Memorial Day

Old friends on Memoiral Day–Dena Kleinsorge and friends

Jeanne Precup, Eudene Kleinsorge and Jean McKenna shared virgin margaritas on Memorial Day. It was very special. Jean is in a nursing home getting over a hip replacement, Mom is living at Heidi’s Chateau in Montrose and Jeanne’s husband, John, is at Horizon’s nursing home in Cedaredge. Jeanne and John are making plans to move […]

Keep Grandma in her home…Dena Kleinsorge is living at home again—Written in September 2011

I have since had to accept that Mom can’t live with us anymore.  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to decide.  I visit with her on the phone every evening and we pray together.  She always wants to come home and I wish I had the help and energy to do that for […]

Mary and Dena Kleinsorge share a birthday kiss

Dena Kleinsorge turned 85 on Thursday, March 29th

If Daddy were alive, it would have been his birthday, too. But, it was just us celebrating Mom’s birthday and she and Daddy’s anniversary. If he were here, he would have been 94 and they would have been married 66 years. They got married on their birthdays and Daddy still forgot from time to time! […]

What's missing for our elder care is the same thing missing from today's healthcare!

What’s missing for our elder care is the same thing missing from today’s healthcare!

LOVE is the missing link! I’ve thought a lot about why Mother’s residency at Heidi’s hasn’t been a complete success. I researched all of the local homes, visited many, even had Mother in three different homes before settling on Heidi’s. The owner is approachable, agreeable with special needs and even seems to act with love […]

Love while you can. Precious moments with Mom, Dena Kleinsorge

This Sunday morning I thank God for the multitude of blessings he has afforded me. Last night as I tucked Mother into bed, we did the normal routine, teeth out, hearing aids off, bathe all the special spots, “fancy pants”(depends) on, commode next to the bed. I heated two rice packs and put one on […]

Dena Kleinsorge is living at home most of the time, now...

Dena Kleinsorge is living at home most of the time, now…

Mom has stayed at home 6 out of the last 8 nights and she is doing very well. I need prayers to be sure I make the best decisions for my entire family and that we creatively find ways to take care of Grandma while still taking care of ourselves and our passions. Mom loves […]