Los Barriles

Time on the sea for music and me…

The past two and a half days I’ve seen a handful of thankful patients in my Baja officina and that is always rewarding. But the luxurious gift that I’ve given myself is the hours that I’ve spent playing my music to the sea. My new travel banjo and my guitar are such comforting travel companions. […]

A perfect day of family life and music in Baja

A perfect day of family life and music in Baja

Today will go down in history as one of my most blessed days.  It wasn’t filled with exciting events, impressive site-seeing or famous people.  It was simply hours of playing music and living our simple life in Baja.  The girls went to the Spanish public schools here in Los Barriles for the past 4 weeks […]

What Mozart and Mary have in common…

I have a terrible cold and can’t sleep tonight.  And I’m performing at a beautiful place on the water on Monday evening.  I broke down and started a short round of prednizone today and I’m sure that’s why I can’t sleep.  ugh…It better allow for singing on Monday.  As a chiropractor I’m embarrassed by this […]